David Crook’s ‘A Punitive Expedition’ battle report

As I mentioned in a recent blog entry, David Crook has used the imagi-world of 1891 that I created as the background to a wargame he has recently fought. He has written a long and very interesting battle report on his blog – A Wargaming Odyssey – and has given permission for me to feature the photographs of his battle – The Battle of Keder Sirte – here.

The Battle of Keder Sirte

The Fezian forces occupy the high ground (top left of the photographs) and await the attack of the larger Rusland force (advancing from the right of the photographs).

David fought this battle using a slightly modified version of the first edition of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules.


2 Comments on “David Crook’s ‘A Punitive Expedition’ battle report”

  1. David Crook says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the support and the kind comments etc – as ever much appreciated. I was hugely embarrassed about the faux pas with the rules though!

    It was great fun all the same and so the version I finish up with will have many elements from these and my own roster based ideas.

    All the best,


  2. DC,

    I am very pleased that it went so well … and your faux pas made me take another look at the PW1 rules and realise that they are quite a good set of rules!

    All the best,


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