David Crook’s ‘A Punitive Expedition’ battle report

As I mentioned in a recent blog entry, David Crook has used the imagi-world of 1891 that I created as the background to a wargame he has recently fought. He has written a long and very interesting battle report on his blog – A Wargaming Odyssey – and has given permission for me to feature the photographs of his battle – The Battle of Keder Sirte – here.

The Battle of Keder Sirte

The Fezian forces occupy the high ground (top left of the photographs) and await the attack of the larger Rusland force (advancing from the right of the photographs).

David fought this battle using a slightly modified version of the first edition of my PORTABLE WARGAME rules.


The background to ‘A Punitive Expedition’

David Crook, whose is a very regular reader of this blog (and writer of his own, A Wargaming Odyssey), has recently been using the imagi-world of 1891 as the background to one of his own wargames. So far he has written a very interesting scenario, and with luck he should be fighting the first battle of a little-known punitive expedition by the Empire of Rusland against the Sublime Sultanate of Fezia.

All the preliminary information relating to this punitive expedition can be found at:

It will be nice to see how this first battle set in the imagi-world of 1891 turns out, and I will certainly read David’s battle report with interest.

The Imagi-world begins to develop a life of its own!

I have known David Crook since the 1980s when we both took part in Eric Knowles’s ‘Madasahatta Campaign’. We both share an interest in late nineteenth/early twentieth century land and naval wargaming, and I was not surprised that he showed an interest in the imagi-world I have been developing over the past few weeks.

David has now used the imagi-world of 1891 as a background for a campaign of his own. He has written a very interesting scenario that will probably see the Empire of Rusland mount a punitive expedition across the border with the Sublime Sultanate of Kezia.

The full background to the scenario can be found on David’s blog, A Wargaming Miscellany.

Pages added to this blog

I have added pages that contain the background information, maps, and download links to this blog.